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Nowadays, the topic of coding is becoming continually more important and IT-professionals are in increasing demand. One of our main industry-partners confided, that even with hiring professionals from foreign markets, the demand cannot be met – that is to say, good programmers are in high demand.
The demand, to teach coding as a modern “language” in schools is also voiced on a state-level both here and abroad. The realization of this goal, to have a high-quality and standardized IT-education in the curriculum, is still a long way off though.
Therefore, an immense potential for the job-market is just not being addressed. We see our job to bridge that gap between the immense demand of the industry and the current lack of high-quality IT-training. With our innovative concept, built and improved upon already highly successful coding schools in the USA, we will create an immense and positive change not only for the Austrian job market, but also for the many people looking for new perspectives and chances.

Meet the Team




Lisa Duschek, born in Burgenland, is studying law at the University of Vienna as well as business at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. In 2015, they went to Portland, USA, to get an education as a web developer. Together with Christoph Pirringer, she graduated from the Epicodus bootcamp and is of the opinion, that nobody should have to travel halfway around the world to profit from a high-quality and time-efficient education.

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Christoph Pirringer


Christoph Pirringer, born in Burgenland, has studied petroleum engineering in Leoben and has worked for year in training and sales for IT- and consumer electronics companies, which is where he discovered his passion for programming. Next to his work as a web developer, he is also at times to be seen volunteering as a paramedic for the Austrian Red Cross.

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Helen Monschein, born in Steiermark, studied communication science at the University of Vienna and has an MBA in project management. Right after graduation, she gained valuable experiences in many professional environments. Those years in the industry made her aware, where the demand on our workforce truly lies nowadays and which immense influence the digital world increasingly has on our day to day lives.

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Goran Stevic, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has graduated in computer sciences and has a master’s degree in E-Business. Right now, he is completing his second master’s degree in software engineering and internet computing at the TU Wien. Goran worked as a programmer for an insurance company and has collaborated on many software projects.
Originally, he found his fascination for programming as a student in a school for electrical engineering.

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Igor Litajkovski was born in Macedonia and has both a BSc and MSc. In computer science from the University American College as well as a master’s degree in computer sciences from the TU Wien.

He has multiple years of experience as a web developer, both for multinational industry as well as a freelancer with his own projects such as www.3dmagnum.com.

He is a passionate trainer and strongly invested in offering the best possible learning experience for his pupils.

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Zeljko has 30+ years of interest in computer programming, 20+ years of professional experience in IT and a MSc in electrical engineering & telecommunication. His job positions varied a lot during last 20 years:  company lead, project manager, programming (various technologies and team sizes), sales, QA, system administration, support, education and coaching - but always with IT as a main component.
In his free time, Zeljko is also engaged (from time to time) s Aikido instructor (martial art, 3rd grade black belt) in a club in Vienna.

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