You are in need of  programmers? No problem, we have them!

You are looking for good programmers? For an internship, or even as full time employees?
It’s great that you found us – we are training programmers!

We place a high priority on autonomy! Self-directed learning is a qualification we test already before we take in applicants for our courses with our application procedure. During it, the participants can test themselves, find out if they really want to become programmers, as well as give us the chance to learn a lot about their motivation and spirit that they will bring into our classroom.

Another huge focus of our school lies on soft skills. We don’t want to just train our pupils in programming languages, but also to train them for other important skills that they will need on a daily base in their jobs as developers. One example is to be able to program and communicate as a team – therefore our modern and unique teaching concept includes pair programming. It means our pupils change their individual programming partner each day and create their projects with a great number of different persons. That’s how they learn a lot from each other and not only from us. Larger group projects with four or more team members are also part of our curriculum.

Our Career_Net mainly wants to connect our graduates with the industry, for examply by helping them apply for internships or even start their career with one of our partners. It also offers the companies a platform to find qualified employees. We are happy to address individual needs of our networkpartners and want to enable them to present their company to prospective employees in the best possible way. Together we want to host info-events, lectures, as well as give them the opportunity to place a lunchspeaker within our regular course program.

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