Train your programmer!

2020 we are facing a lack of more than 800.000 IT specialists on the European job market. Due to that we recognized, there is a huge need for professionally trained people and decided to work closely together with industry partners to help them getting qualified employees. We want to enable them, training their people according to their specific needs and to ensure the future and growth of their company.

For the partners of our Code_Ac, we develope a course programm individually designed to their requirements. This tailor-made solution offers an education precisely addressing the demands of your company. According to an early needs assessment, we will jointly create the frame work of the course – concerning length, duration, programming- and soft-skill mix. The course participants can already be employees of your company or even applicants that you select to be trained. The course can take place wherever the company wants it to be, our highest asset is our flexibility and resilience.

You want to learn more about your tailor made solution? Write us an email to and we are pleased to arrange an appointment with you to chart your needs and our solutions for it.