Courses & Programs

We at CodeFactory want our students to feel at home, when they enter the class room. We want to create an environment where everybody feels comfortable, welcome and inspired. We want to create a place where you love to go, and where your spirit gets high. In our understanding, in order to love what you are doing, you first have to love the place you find yourself. In permanent exchange with our students we welcome their feedback – please tell us if there is something you think we should change!

The students of CodeFactory come with a range of different backgrounds and approaches. We love diversity and we are eager to use it in order to create an inspirational working space. You not only learn from us, you learn from your partners, friends you will find and colleagues at the Factory. For us diversity is one key to success, because it can be a driver to a total new understanding and out of the box thinking. To grow one’s mind out of the well-known boarders grants creativeness, which is useful in any kind of coding.

Our trainers also will support you, not only to become a great coder, but also to grow within our community. To become a vital part of our network and to establish yourself as an active member of the CodeFactory.
We have the dream to become one of Austria’s most important educational institutions, where brilliant minds find a fruitful ground to grow and where we built the future.


In this course, you will learn the building blocks of both HTML and CSS, which are the foundation the web is build on. At the end o fit, you will be able to create your first web page from scratch.



In this course, you will learn the basic concepts and mechanisms behind JavaScript and how to use them. By using things like data-types, functions, loops and objects you will create your first interactive web page.


Full Stack Web Development

This program is designed to prepare you for a job as a junior full stack web developer. It will teach you, among other things, to create complex server-side web applications and how to use powerful relational databases to store and use data long-term.