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We are more than just a CodeShool!

We are a community, a place to laugh, learn, find friends and enjoy your time at. A place that is there for you even after hours. Our goal is to do more than just teach our students to code. We want to be a central hub of the IT scene, where networks are build, great events happen and you can exchange your newest ideas over a glass of gin tonic. This is why, next to our great location at right in the middle of the Brick5, we offer loads of g special offers and goodies to our students, to make their time at the CodeFactory the a great and unforgettable experience.



In this course, you will learn the building blocks of both HTML and CSS, which are the foundation the web is build on. At the end o fit, you will be able to create your first web page from scratch.

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts and mechanisms behind JavaScript and how to use them. By using things like data-types, functions, loops and objects you will create your first interactive web page.

This program is designed to prepare you for a job as a junior full stack web developer. It will teach you, among other things, to create complex server-side web applications and how to use powerful relational databases to store and use data long-term. 

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