Studying at CodeFactory

Studying @ Codefactory:

We are not only a CodeSchool. We are a community, a place to learn, lough, make friends and just spend time. A Place where it doesn’t stop when work is done. We want more, then just teah our students how to code. We want to be a meeting space, where you can built up a network, where we celebrate events together and where you can share the latest ideas over a Gin Tonic. That’s why we offer next to the great and cosy location in the center of the brick5 a range of specials and goodies for our students. In order to make the time at the CodeFactory an unforgettable part of your lifetime!



Can I study at the CodeFactory if I am not an EU-citizen?

„Yes, of course! If you have questions regarding Visa, moving to Vienna etc. just let us know and we will help you“

What is the feedback of the industry regarding your course programs?

„With more and more time, CodeSchools are arriving in the economy, as accredited institutions and numerous graduates of this format already work domestic and abroad as qualified programmers. Via the angloamerican area CodeSchools become more and more famous in Europe. Because of their flexible, practice-oriented approach in education, they have already established themselves as a welcome alternative to Universities“

Is it really possible to become a Coder within 3 months?

„Of course there is more to e good coder, than just knowing the technology. After our full stake program our graduates reach the level of a junior developer, which is sufficient for many job offers in the branch. After that, it is important to stay tuned with the latest developments in the technologies and continuously develop and maintain ones skills.”

Which languages do I learn and why?

„We developed our curriculum for our fullstack-cours according to the latest and most common requirements of the European market. Next to the web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script, we teach our students also OHP and jQuery. In 2017 we plan to install even more languages and technologies, to be able to provide an adequate education for all individual requirements. We are also in a constant exchange with the industry and are going to adopt our curriculum according to their specific needs.“

What jobs can I apply for, with this education?

„Our education qualifies primarily to apply for jobs as a junior developer for frontend- as well as backend solutions.“

What if I can’t afford the costs for the course?

„We want to make it possible for everybody tob e able to take classes with us, if there are any financial issues, please contact us and we will try together to find a solution. In addition we can establish a contact to WAFF (Wiener Arbeitnehmerinnen Förderfonds), who are supporting training and development up to 3000€ in special cases.”

What prior knowledge do I need to apply for a course?

„A basic requriement is a knowledge of english (THE language in IT and coding), as well as a first glimpse of HTML and CSS.  You can either get this in our two 2-day basic courses or autodidactic with our open curriculum we will provide.“


As a hub of a vivid cultural scene, Brick5 has developed itself to a cultural and modern hotspot of the 15th district. No matter if concerts, theaters, exhibitions, movie screenings or dance performances, Brick5 attracts a multicultural and international audience. The Café Turnhalle in the center, adds a culinary entity. Further plans include a rooftop gardening spot for the neighborhood. As member of the CodeFactory you are welcome to use all the benefits the location brings and you are a proper part of the whole Brick5 community.


You are new in Vienna and want some orientation? Recommendartions for the best Cafés of the city? A list of the best food blogs? Please write us an email to with the subject “new in vienna” and you will get together with your inscription papers a little guide. Of course we are also helping you with visiting authorities, or if you have questions regarding where to stay.